Questions for Tue, Jul 27th  (Mark 1-2)

Mark 1-2

1.) What other name did the author of this book go by and who was he? (Acts 12:12, Col. 4:10, Acts 15:36-39, 2 Tim. 4:11)

John Mark, Baranabus's nephew.

2.) It has been assumed that Mark wrote this book with the Gentile reader in mind which might be the reason in the first verse he names Jesus as the son of ______ whereas in Matthew's first verse he names Jesus as the son of _____ and __________.

Son of God, Matthew says the son of David and Abraham.

3.) Where does Mark begin the story of Jesus?

With John's baptism.

4.) Why were people being baptized?

To have their sins forgiven.

5.) What did John wear and and what did he eat?

Camel hair garment with a leather belt and he ate locusts and wild honey.

6.) What did John say he was unworthy to do? Why would he untie someone's shoes?

Loosen Jesus's sandals, which means he is not even worth to be the servant of Jesus Christ.

7.) What was different about Jesus's baptism and John's baptism?

Jesus's baptism was INTO the name of Jesus Christ and was accompanied by the receiving of the Holy Spirit. This baptism began happening on the day of Pentecost about 1 week after Jesus ascended to heaven.

8.) Was Jesus baptized by sprinkling?

No, the Greek "Baptizo" means immersion. Verse 10 says "coming up out of the water".

9.) What happened to John as Jesus began his ministry?

Put into prison and then beheaded.

10.) Who were the first four disciples to follow Jesus?

Peter, Andrew, James and John.

11.) To what town did Jesus go and where did he go on the Sabbath?

Capernaum and he went into the synagogue.

12.) Why was an evil spirit in the congregation?

The devil will always try to infiltrate the Kingdom of Christ.

13.) How did the evil spirit know who Jesus was?

Because all things were created by Jesus (John 1)

14.) Why did Jesus tell the evil spirit to be quiet if the evil spirit was telling the truth?

He was not willing to use the testimony of devils to proclaim His divinity.

15.) Casting out demons was a clear demonstration of what?

The authority and power of God.

16.) Who did Jesus heal?

Peter's mother-in-law.

17.) A man came to Jesus with what disease?


18.) What is significant about Jesus reaching out and touching him?

He would have been unclean and also contagious. Jesus had power over disease so there was no worries. This would have been very comforting to the leper who hadn't probably been touched for years.

19.) Why did Jesus send the leper to the priest?

It was the law of Moses. (Lev 14)

20.) Why couldn't Jesus openly enter towns anymore?

Because of the push of the people trying to get to Him to be healed.

21.) How did the people work really hard to get the paralytic to Jesus?

They lowered their friend down through the roof.

22.) What did Jesus do for the paralytic that was even better than the healing?

Forgave him of his sins.

23.) What did the Pharisees think about this?

That it was blasphemy because He was saying He could do something that only God could do.

24.) Levi is a Hebrew name. What is the Greek name?


25.) Was Levi the brother of James the son of Alpheus?

Hard to say, although the Bible is clear that Peter and Andrew were brothers and James and John were brothers. It seems logical that brothers would be specifically mentioned but that does not definitvely rule it out.

26.) What was Levi's occupation?

Tax collector

27.) Why were John's disciples fasting and why weren't Jesus's

Jesus was still alive so no need to fast.

28.) What was the Pharisees complaint about Jesus's disciples?

They were working on the Sabbath.

29.) What example did Jesus give in response?

King David eating the priests' bread