Questions for Fri, Apr 10th  (Acts 17)

Acts 17

1.) What city did they go to next and how many Sabbaths did Paul preach there?

They went to Thessalonica and preached there on 3 Sabbaths

2.) What did some jealous Jews do?

They stirred up a mob

3.) Whose house did they look for Paul and Silas in?

They looked in Jason's house

4.) What were the accusations made against Jason and the brethren?

They said there was another king called Jesus.

5.) Where did Paul and Silas go next?

They went to Berea next

6.) What made the Bereans of more noble character than others?

They examined the Scriptures daily

7.) When the Thessalonican Jews showed up who stayed in Berea and who went to Athens?

Paul went to Athens and Silas and Timothy stayed on at Berea

8.) What about Athens distressed Paul?

He was distressed to see the city full of idols

9.) Where was Paul brought to speak?

He spoke at a meeting of teh Areopagus

10.) What inscription had Paul seen on one of the idols?

To an unknown god

11.) If we are offspring of God then why would we think that God is made of what?

Material objects

12.) What two people believed Paul's preaching?

Dionysius and Damaris, however there were a number of others.