Questions for Sat, Apr 11th  (Acts 18)

Acts 18

1.) Still on his second missionary journey, Paul left Athens for what city?

He went to Corinth

2.) Who did Paul meet there and why were they there?

Aquila and his wife Priscilla. They were kicked out of Rome by the emporer Claudius.

3.) What profession did they share with Paul?

They were tentmakers.

4.) What did Paul do on the Sabbaths?

He went to the synagogues and preached.

5.) Who finally caught up to Paul?

Silas and Timothy came from Macedonia

6.) When the Jews did not believe him who did Paul say he was going to go to then?

He said he was going to the Gentiles.

7.) What had many of the Corinthians done once they believed?

They answered the call and were baptized.

8.) What did the Lord say to Paul about Corinth?

That there were a lot of people in the city who would accept the word.

9.) How long did Paul stay in that city?

He stayed their 1.5 years.

10.) Who did the Jews take their complaints about Paul to?

The Jews took him before the proconsul, Gallio.

11.) When the proconsul wouldn't listen who did they beat up out of frustration?

They beat up Sosthenes, the synagogue ruler.

12.) Where did Paul finally go and who did he take with him?

Ephesus and he took Priscilla and Aquila.

13.) What did Paul have done in what city before they sailed?

In Cenchrea he got a haircut.

14.) How long did he preach in Ephesus?

Not long, but he promised to come back.

15.) Eventually he made it back to where?

He made it back to his home congregation of Antioch.

16.) Who arrived in Ephesus after Paul had left and what were the characteristics of this man?

Apollos, arrived in Ephesus who was very educated in the Scriptures.

17.) What did Aquilla and Priscilla do for Apollos?

They explained to him the way of God more adequately.

18.) Where was Apollos sent to preach?

He was sent to the churches in Achaia.