Questions for Mon, Apr 20th  (Acts 28)

Acts 28

1.) Where had they crashed?

They crashed on Malta

2.) What happened to Paul?

He got bit by a viper.

3.) What did the people think about Paul because of this at first and then later?

At first they thought he must be a murder and this was God's justice but then it had no effect on him so they thought he was a god.

4.) Who was the chief official of the island and what did Paul do for his father and many others on the island?

Publius and Paul healed many people there.

5.) How long did they stay on Malta?

They stayed there for three months.

6.) What was the figurehead on the new ship?

Castor and Pollux

7.) Where had some of the brothers traveled from to get Paul?


8.) How was Paul allowed to live in Rome?

That he had done nothing wrong and it was because of the hope of Israel that he was a captive.

9.) What did Paul tell the people?

They wanted to hear about the Way that everyone was talking against.

10.) What questions did the people have of Paul?

When he said the gospel is being taught to the Gentiles because the Jews were rejecting the promise given to Abraham.

11.) What did Paul say that made many of the unbelievers leave?

2 years

12.) How long did Paul stay under house arrest?