Questions for Thu, Apr 23rd  (Rom 3-4)

Rom 3-4

1.) What advantage then hath the Jew?

They were entrusted with the very words of God.

2.) What had Paul been slanderously reported as saying?

Let us do evil so that God's grace may abound.

3.) Who is without sin?

Only Jesus

4.) What does the law help us do? Does it help us become perfect?

It points out our sin. We can't achieve perfection in this world but the laws of God show our conscience what to work on.

5.) How can we be righteous?

By belief and obedience in Jesus Christ.

6.) Through what are we justified?

We are justified by His grace when Jesus redeemed us at the cross and the faith that Jesus did it

7.) Is the law of any value if we are not justified by observing the law?

Yes, it tells us what to do to stay in the faith.

8.) How was Abraham justified?

By his faith in God.

9.) If you work do you consider your wages as a gift?

No, they are an obligation.

10.) When was Abraham justified by faith, before or after the sign of the circumcision?

Before the sign of circumcision.

11.) Abraham is the father of who?

He is the father of all who follow God.

12.) Why do we not want to be justified by works alone?

Because we can't do enough works to be saved.

13.) What was the incident in which Abraham showed his faith?

When God told him that Sarah and him would have a child.

14.) How old was Abraham and Sarah when they had Isaac?

100 and 90 years old respectively.

15.) It was "credited to him as righteousness" because Abraham had faith that what would happen?

That God would deliver on his promise that Sarah would have his child.

16.) It is "credited to us as righteousness" because we have faith that what happened?

That Jesus Christ was raised from the dead.