Questions for Tue, Apr 28th  (Rom 11)

Rom 11

1.) What tribe was Paul from?

The tribe of Benjamin.

2.) What was Elijah's complaint?

He complained that he was the only one left serving God.

3.) What was God's answer?

God said He had 7000 people that were not turning to Baal.

4.) Can the Jews still be saved?

Absolutely. Anyone who accepts Jesus as the Son of God and is baptized into His name can be saved.

5.) What was Paul's hope for the Jews if they see the love of Christ in the Gentiles?

That they might be jealous to once again be back in God's favor and be obedient as the Gentiles were being.

6.) Who is the original olive tree and who was grafted in?

Christ is the root. The Jews are the original olve tree and the Gentiles were grafted in.

7.) Why do the Gentiles not have reason to gloat?

Because they are not the Root or the original branches. They are just thankful that they have been given a place in the tree.

8.) Who is the root?

Jesus Christ is the Root.

9.) What causes a branch to be cut off or re-grafted in?

Cut off if they die or not accept the nourishing sap offered by the Root. Branches can be grafted in that ARE willing, but this requires the work of the gardner. It's not something we can do on our own.

10.) Will there be a time when Jews will turn to Christ?

We can pray for this to happen, but it's hard to say that all Israel will turn to Jesus. Romans 9:6 already told us that not all who of Israel are of Israel. In other words, the new Israel is the new kingdom of God or the church and in that sense it is very true, that "All Israel will be saved".

11.) Who knows the mind of God?

This phrase just means that we cannot compare ourselves in any way to God because He is so much higher than us. However, the Word does tell us some important things such as He loves us and He desires our obedience. Perhaps this is all we need to understand about God's mind.