Questions for Wed, Apr 29th  (Rom 12-13)

Rom 12-13

1.) What is our spiritual act of worship?

To offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.

2.) What should we not conform to and what should we transform?

Don't conform to the world. Transform yourselfs to be Christ-like.

3.) How should we think about ourselves?

Don't think you are higher than you are. Avoid pride.

4.) What are some of the gifts that are mentioned?

Prophesying, serving, teaching, encouraging, contributing, leadership, being merciful.

5.) What should we never be lacking in?

Never be lacking in zeal.

6.) How are we to treat those who persecute us?

Bless those and do not curse them.

7.) How are we to try to live with everyone including those in the world?

Try to live in peace with others.

8.) What should we overcome evil with?

Overcome evil with good.

9.) How are we to treat our government?

Be submissive and obedient to the government.

10.) What does it mean "he bears the sword"?

The government has been given the authority to practice capital punishment.

11.) Do we have to pay our taxes if the government uses them to violate God's law?

Yes! God does not give any leniency or reasons for not paying your taxes.

12.) What continual debt should we never stop payment?

Our continuing debt to love one another.

13.) What is the fulfillment of the law?

Loving your neighbor as yourself.

14.) What do righteous people wear?

Wear the armor of light and clothe yourselves with Jesus Christ.