Questions for Mon, Jan 13th  (Matt 15)

Matt 15

1.) What complaint did the Pharisees have this time?

That Jesus's disciples did not wash their hands before they ate. Mark 7:1-4. The Pharisees held their "oral traditions" in higher value than the actual commandments of God.

2.) What was the Pharisees excuse for not financially supporting their parents?

Saying they would give their gift to the temple instead. This was an oral tradition used to enrich the Pharisees and the temple at the expense of the 5th commandment.

3.) Verse 11 could be considered a prophecy about the doing away with what law?

Old law of dietary restrictions. Acts 10

4.) Why do you suppose Jesus did not send the Canaanite woman away as his disciples requested?

His compassion for her and foreknowledge that her example of great faith would be recorded for us to read today.

5.) Was Jesus being harsh with this woman?

No, being harsh would have been to cast her away. He was testing her.

6.) What do you suppose Jesus wanted us to learn from the woman's faith which he drew out?

That the promise to Abraham that ALL nations of the earth would be saved was coming true and that the only true way to God is to HUMBLY kneel before His Son.

7.) How many people did Jesus feed this time and with how much?

4000, Seven loaves and a few fish

8.) If it only took 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed 5000 in the last chapter, how come he took all 7 loaves and a few fish this time when he only had 4000 to feed and how come they didn't have at least more than 12 baskets full leftover?

It's not about the numbers. Jesus is always willing to give us everything He has if we come to Him. Last time 12 baskets full meant each disciple returned with a full basket demonstrating to each of them the power of Jesus. This time 7 baskets shows the perfectness of Jesus and the completeness of the miracle.

9.) Why do you suppose the writer of this book spends so much time taking inventory of things around him?

He was a tax collector and dealt with numbers