Questions for Sun, May 3rd  (1 Cor 4-5)

1 Cor 4-5

1.) We should care little if we are judged by who?

Don't worry about the judgement of man.

2.) Paul felt that the apostles were made what in front of the whole universe?

They are a spectacle at the end of the procession entering the arena to be put to death.

3.) What were some of the things that the apostles had to endure?

Hunger, thirst, dressed in rags, brutally treated, homeless.

4.) Who was Paul sending to Corinth to teach them?

He was sending Timothy.

5.) What questions did Paul ask them at the end of this chapter?

He basically says, "Just wait until your father gets home!"

6.) What was happening in the Corinthian church?

There was sexual immorality in the church.

7.) What were they to do to this fornicator?

They were to remove him from the fellowship.

8.) What does the yeast symbolize?

The yeast is sin that can spread if not removed.

9.) Is Paul referring to all immoral people or just those in the church?

The church is to show self-discipline.