Questions for Mon, May 4th  (1 Cor 6-7)

1 Cor 6-7

1.) If we have a dispute with a brother in Christ should we take it to court?

Absolutely not! We handle it among ourselves or with the church.

2.) How will we judge angels?

The church by their righteous actions will condemn the angels that fell.

3.) What problems had some of the Corinthians had?

Sexual immorality, greed, drunkeness, slanderers, swindlers.

4.) What does it mean that they were washed?

They had accepted Jesus and been baptized and washed these sins away.

5.) What are our bodies to be used for?

Our bodies are to be used for the Lord.

6.) Who should we unite ourselves with?

We should be united with Christ.

7.) This chapter emphasizes that we should flee what?

Flee from sexual immorality.

8.) What apparently had the Corinthians written to Paul about?

They wrote to Paul about marriage advice.

9.) Paul felt it would be good to completely devote himself to God and not do what?

He decided to not marry because he could control his sexual desires and instead devoted himself to the work of the Lord.

10.) What does "deprive each other except by mutual consent" mean?

Do not deprive each other of the gift of sexual satisfaction unless mutually agreed upon to devote yourselves to prayer.

11.) It is better to marry than to what?

Then to be condemned to hell for your sexually immoral actions.

12.) What did God say about marriage?

That people should not divorce and they should remain married. If they get a divorce they must remain unmarried.

13.) What did Paul say about marriage?

That if you became a believer but your spouse didn't, you should still stay with them. If they leave though you can let them go.

14.) How should we feel about the situation we are in?

We humbly accept the state we are in when we have been called to the Gospel.

15.) What present crisis led Paul to recommend refraining from marriage for the time being?

The current persecution of the church most likely.

16.) Paul's argument is that if you remain unmarried you can devote all of your time to doing what?

Serving the Lord, but this is not a command and should only be accepted by those who can handle it.

17.) How long are you bound to your spouse?

Until death do them part.

18.) If you decide to marry again after your spouse has died what is commanded of us?

The new spouse must be in the Lord's church.