Questions for Wed, May 6th  (1 Cor 10)

1 Cor 10

1.) How were the Israelites symbolically immersed in baptism?

When they passed through the Red Sea and under the cloud.

2.) What was their spiritual food and drink that they partook of?

Manna and water from the rock. Bread and water from heaven which is Christ.

3.) What happened when they displeased God?

They wandered for 40 years and all died.

4.) What are we supposed to take from their example?

Do not set your hearts on evil things.

5.) When did they "indulge in pagan revelry"? (Exodus 32:6)

When Aaron built the golden calf.

6.) When did 23,000 of them die because of sexual immorality? (Numbers 25:1-9)

When the men of Israel slept with Moabite women and worshipped their gods. The account says 24,000 people total died but Paul says 23,000 died on the same day.

7.) When did they die from venomous snakes? (Numbers 21:5-6)

When they were complaining and wanting to return to Egypt.

8.) When were they killed by the destroying angel? (Exodus 12:23)

The destroying angel in Exodus 12:23 killed the Egyptians so is probably not a reference to that time. Most likely it is a reference to Korah's rebellion in Numbers 16 and referred to as a plague.

9.) What promise do we have from God about temptation?

That there will be a way of escape. Look for it!

10.) What are the two tables mentioned and which should we participate in?

We participate in the Lord's table rather than the table of the demons.

11.) Although we have freedom in Christ should we always exercise that freedom?

No, we should be a living sacrifice for the Lord. Put others first.