Questions for Sat, May 9th  (1 Cor 14)

1 Cor 14

1.) Which gift did Paul recommend that they desire?

The gift of prophecy.

2.) Why did he recommend prophesying and not tongues?

Because prophecy and teaching builds up and encourages the church.

3.) What is the only way that the gift of tongues could have been as useful as the gift of prophesying?

Unless there is a gift of interpreting so that others can be edified.

4.) Speaking in tongues without interpretation is compared to what?

Musical instruments.

5.) If you speak in a tongue what other gift should you pray for?

The gift of interpretation.

6.) How were the Corinthians thinking like children?

Children desire the showy things.

7.) Tongues are a sign of what to unbelievers?

They are a sign that the Holy Spirit is present.

8.) What are some things early Christians offered in the service?

Songs, readings, instruction, revelation, tongue and interpretation.

9.) When should a person who speaks in tongues remain silent?

If there is no interpreter.

10.) If a revelation comes to someone in the audience what should the speaker do?

The speaker should stop speaking and let the nre revelation speak.

11.) What is the woman's role within the assembly?

To remain silent and demonstrate the gift of humility and submission.

12.) How should the church service be conducted?

A fitting and orderly way.