Questions for Sun, May 10th  (1 Cor 15)

1 Cor 15

1.) How many and what people did Jesus show himself to after he rose from the dead?

Around 500 people.

2.) Why did Paul call himself the "least of the apostles"?

Because he had persecuted the church.

3.) What were some people in the church at Corinth falsely preaching?

That there is no resurrection.

4.) How was Christ the first fruits?

The first to resurrect and never die again.

5.) Through what one man came death?

Through Adam came death.

6.) Through what one man came life?

Through Christ came life.

7.) What will be the last enemy to be destroyed by Christ?

Death will be the last enemy to destroy.

8.) What is the only thing NOT under Christ?

Everything except God the Father.

9.) What other improper practice had the Corinthians apparently begun?

Baptizing for the dead.

10.) What does Paul mean that he fought wild beasts in Ephesus?

Perhaps against lions in the arena.

11.) What does keeping bad company do to you?

It will corrupt your character.

12.) What kind of body will we have in the resurrection?

An incorruptible spiritual body.

13.) How were the first Adam and the second Adam different?

The first Adam became a living being. The second Adam a life-giving spirit.

14.) Which man do we resemble?

Currently we resemble the first Adam but hope for resembling the second Adam.

15.) What is death swallowed by?

Victory in Lord Jesus.