Questions for Mon, May 11th  (1 Cor 16)

1 Cor 16

1.) When are we supposed to take up the collection and why is that a convenient time?

The first day of the week. This is convenient because that is when the church came together to partake in the Lord's Supper.

2.) Paul says he will pass through where on his way to visit them?


3.) Where is Paul writing this letter from?


4.) What had Paul urged Apollos to do and what was his response?

He had urged Apollos to go to Corinth but Apollos was unwilling at the time but would do so when he had the opportunity.

5.) Who were some of the first converts in Corinth?

The household of Stephanas.

6.) Who were Priscilla and Aquila?

They were tentmakers that used to live in Rome but were currently residing in Ephesus until they could return as we see they did when we read Romans. This letter was written before the letter to the Romans.

7.) Did Paul dictate this letter like he did Romans or did he write it himself?

He says he wrote it with his own hand.