Questions for Wed, May 13th  (2 Cor 5-6)

2 Cor 5-6

1.) What is our earthly tent?

Our physical bodies.

2.) What does it mean we groan?

Our bodies grow more and more uncomfortable and we long for our new eternal body.

3.) What does the Spirit within us guarantee?

Guaranteeing our hope in a new body in heaven.

4.) What should we be "at home" with?

To be at home with the Lord instead of this present world.

5.) If we are in Christ, we are in what?

A new creation.

6.) How are we Christ's ambassadors?

Live a Christ like life so that others may see your good works and glorify God.

7.) How should we NOT receive God's grace?

Not in vain, don't waste the grace given to you.

8.) What weapons do Christians use?

Weapons of righteousness.

9.) What command does Paul give to the Corinthians about their hearts?

To open their hearts wide and be compassionate.

10.) What does it mean to not be yoked together with unbelievers?

A yoking is two working together in life pulling the same load. The most obvious reference here is marriage. Marry someone also in the Lord. Make your number one commonality to be striving together in the Lord.