Questions for Thu, May 14th  (2 Cor 7-8)

2 Cor 7-8

1.) We should purify ourselves from what?

Things that contaminate your physical body as well as your spirit.

2.) How did Paul feel about the Corinthian brethren?

He would die for them.

3.) How were they treated at Macedonia?

Constantly harassed.

4.) How had Titus comforted them?

Companionship and telling them the good news about the Corinthian brethren.

5.) How had the Corinthians reacted to Paul's first letter?

It hurt some of their feelings.

6.) What does Godly sorrow result in?

Godly sorrow leads to repentance.

7.) Who had Paul boasted to Titus about?

The goodness of the Corinthian brethren.

8.) Why was Paul glad?

He was glad that he can have complete confidence in you.

9.) What had Paul commended the Macedonians for doing?

They were good givers

10.) When was Jesus Christ rich and how did He become poor?

He was in heaven with all power and glory but he humbled himself to the earth to save mankind.

11.) What was Paul's advice to the Corinthian brethren?

To complete their act of giving.

12.) Who was going to Corinth to receive their gift?

Titus and another brother (Tychicus?)

13.) Paul was taking pains to do what was right in the eyes of who?

The Lord and men. Money can be a prroblem and Paul was showing transparency.