Questions for Fri, May 15th  (2 Cor 9-10)

2 Cor 9-10

1.) What had Paul boasted about to the Macedonians?

The Corinthians ability to give.

2.) Why was Paul sending people to the Corinthians?

To retrieve their giving.

3.) How should we give?

We should be cheerful givers.

4.) Thanks be to God for his ___________ ____.

indescribable gift.

5.) How does Paul compare himself to how he is when he is with them compared to how he is when away?

Timid when with them but bold when away.

6.) What did some apparently think about Paul?

That they were living by the standards of the world.

7.) What weapons do we fight with?

Knowledge and power of God.

8.) What did Paul say he might be like in action when he sees them?

forceful like he was in his letter.

9.) If we boast it should be what?

Boast in the Lord.

10.) Who is approved?

The one whom the Lord commends.