Questions for Fri, May 22nd  (Eph 3-4)

Eph 3-4

1.) Who did Paul say he was a prisoner of?

A prisoner of Jesus Christ.

2.) What is the mystery of Christ that Paul is talking about?

That the Gentiles would be co-heirs with the Jews.

3.) How was God's grace important in Paul's conversion?

Because he had persecuted the church yet God offered him grace.

4.) The wisdom of God was made known through what kingdom?

Through the church.

5.) What is Paul's prayer for the Ephesians?

That they may be strengthened with the Holy Spirit.

6.) What are the dimensions of God's love?

They are without dimensions.

7.) What did Paul urge the Ephesians to do?

Live a life worthy of the calling of God.

8.) What are we to make every effort to keep?

Keep the unity among brothers.

9.) Keeping with the theme of unity, how many ones are mentioned in verses 4-6?

There are 7 ones.

10.) Is there really only one baptism?

Only one true baptism that saves.

11.) What does it mean that Christ descended to the lower, earthly regions?

He died and was buried.

12.) Are we supposed to remain as little children?

We are supposed to grow up (mature) in the faith.

13.) How is the church like a body?

Christ is the head and we are the hands and feet that do the work that the Head tells us to do.

14.) Who is Paul referring to when he says the Gentiles?

The pagans like many of the Romans.

15.) What are we commanded to do with our old self and our new self?

Put off the old self and put on the new self.

16.) We should not let our anger cause us to do what?

Don't let your anger result in sin.

17.) How soon should we try to get rid of our anger?

Subdue your anger immediately.

18.) What should come out of our mouths?

Only allow things that encourage come out of your mouth.

19.) What should we get rid of and what should we replace it with?

Get rid of evil things and replace it with kindness and compassion and forgiveness.