Questions for Sat, May 23rd  (Eph 5)

Eph 5

1.) Who should we imitate?

Be imitators of God.

2.) What should not be found in the church?

Not even a hint of sexual immorality, impurity or greed.

3.) How is a greedy person an idolater?

They put things like money ahead of Christ.

4.) What is the inheritance of disobedient people?

God's wrath.

5.) To live in the light we should try to find out what?

Determine what pleases the Lord.

6.) Who does not want Christ to shine on them?

People who like to do sinful deeds do not want them exposed.

7.) Is it ok to get drunk? What does it lead to?

No because it leads to debauchery.

8.) What kind of music are we to have in the church?

Music from the heart. Praise from the lips. Singing.

9.) Why should wives submit to their husbands?

Because the church submits to Christ.

10.) What makes it easy and desirable for a wife to submit to her husband?

When the husband shows sacrificial love for his wife.

11.) How are husbands to treat their wives and why?

He should show her great love.

12.) How is the church washed with water through the word?

The Word tells us to be part of the church we must be baptized (washed).

13.) For what reason will one leave his father and mother?

To be united in marriage.

14.) Why does it say that this mystery is talking about Christ and the church?

He is making an analogy between Christ and the church and a husband and a wife.