Questions for Mon, May 25th  (Phil 1-2)

Phil 1-2

1.) To whom is this letter addressed?

The church with elders and deacons at Philippi.

2.) What did Paul pray for the Phillipians?

That the church will continue to carry on the work and that their love may abound.

3.) What was clear to the brethren about Paul's imprisonment?

That it was because of the name of Christ.

4.) What good had come from Paul's imprisonment?

More people were encouraged to speak the Word of God more courageously.

5.) Why was Paul rejoicing?

That Christ was being preached.

6.) What is Paul anticipating might happen to him soon?

That he will be delivered from his imprisonment.

7.) What does Paul mean "to die is gain"?

To die from this world means to live in heaven.

8.) Whatever happens how are the Phillipians to conduct themselves?

In a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.

9.) How should we consider others?

Consider others better than yourselves.

10.) How did Christ show his humility?

He left the glory of heaven and took on a human likeness.

11.) What kind of people were usually put to death on a cross?

The death of a criminal such as a common thief.

12.) What two things will all mankind eventually do whether they want to or not?

Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

13.) What are we individually responsible for?

We are responsible for our own salvation.

14.) We should shine like what?

The stars of the universe as we display the Word of Life in a dark world.

15.) Who did Paul hope to send to Phillipi?


16.) What did Paul think of Timothy?

As his own son.

17.) Who had the Phillipians sent to Paul to help him and what had they heard about him?

Epaphroditus. He had been ill and almost died in trying to help Paul.