Questions for Wed, May 27th  (Colossians)


1.) Who is this letter written to?

The church in Colosse.

2.) What reputation did the church at Colosse have?

Faithful and loving to the brethren.

3.) Who had taught the church at Colosse?


4.) What had Paul prayed for them?

For them to be filled with the knowledge of the will of God.

5.) Who was involved in all things created?

Jesus Christ.

6.) What did Christ make through the shedding of his blood on the cross?

He made peace.

7.) What is the mystery?

That the Gentiles would receive salvation as well.

8.) What powerfully worked in Paul?

Christ's energy.

9.) Had the church at Colosse met Paul personally?

It does not sound like they had met him personally.

10.) What is hidden in Christ?

All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

11.) What does Paul warn them about philosophies and traditions?

Don't be held captive by them because they are of the world and not of Christ.

12.) How were the Colossians circumcised?

Putting away of the old sinful man through baptism.

13.) What does baptism symbolize?

Being buried and then raised to a new life.

14.) What did Christ do with the old law?

He nailed it to the cross.

15.) Were the Colossians being judged because they were keeping religious festivals or not keeping them?

Not keeping them anymore.

16.) If we are cut off from Christ it is like our body losing its what?

Losing its head.

17.) We should avoid things that are based on what?

The things of this world.

18.) Where should we set our hearts?

Set your hearts on things above in heaven.

19.) What should we put to death and what does that mean?

Things of our earthly nature. Avoid them and do not allow them to live in our lives.

20.) There is no more separation of peoples because we are all in who?

We are all one in Christ.

21.) What should we clothe ourselves with?

Clothe yourselves with kindness and goodness to others.

22.) How should we forgive others?

Forgive as the Lord has forgiven us.

23.) What is the greatest virtue?

Love is the greatest virtue.

24.) What kind of music should we have in the church?

Singing from the heart.

25.) Whatever we do we should do it in who's name?

Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.

26.) What are the commands given to wives, husbands, children, fathers and slaves?

Submit, love, obey, non-provoking, obey.

27.) From whom will we receive our inheritance?

We will receive an inheritance from the Lord.

28.) How are masters or employers to treat those under them?

Be a fair employer.

29.) What does it mean that Paul was in chains?

He is a prisoner in Rome.

30.) How should our conversation be?

Full of grace and seasoned with salt.

31.) What two men did Paul send to Colosse?

Tychicus and Onesimus.

32.) Who was with Paul?

Aristarchus, John Mark, Jesus Justus, Epaphras, Luke, Demas.

33.) Where did the church at Laodicea apparently meet?

Nympha's house.

34.) Apparently Paul wrote another letter to what church?

The church at Laodicea.