Questions for Sun, May 31st  (2 Thess.)

2 Thess.

1.) Who is this letter written to?

To the church of the Thessalonians.

2.) What did Paul boast about?

About their perseverance and faith.

3.) When will those that trouble us be troubled by God?

At the judgement day.

4.) How will those that do not know God be punished?

Everlasting destruction and separation from God.

5.) Who is the man of lawlessness?

An antichrist. Someone who will proclaim himself as a god.

6.) What will this man do?

He will set himself up in God's church proclaiming to be God on earth.

7.) Who is holding the man of sin back?

At that time it was probably the pagan Roman emporers.

8.) How will the man of sin be destroyed?

When Jesus returns.

9.) What are the signs of the lawless one coming?

Fake miracles of the work of Satan.

10.) What is the powerful delusion that God will send?

Probably the delusion that they think they are doing the right thing.

11.) Paul encourages them to do what?

To stand firm.

12.) What did Paul ask them to do for them?

He asked them to pray for them.

13.) Avoid people who are what?

People who are idle and not living the Christian life.

14.) What is the rule if a man will not work?

He shall not eat.

15.) How are we to treat those in the church that are not doing what is right?

Do not associate with them in casual ways. Warn them as a brother.