Questions for Mon, Jun 1st  (1 Tim 1-3)

1 Tim 1-3

1.) Who is this letter to and what does Paul call him?

Timothy who Paul considers to be a son.

2.) Where was Timothy and what was he doing?

Ephesus working with the church against false teaching.

3.) Who is law made for?

Those that are law breakers.

4.) What had Paul been?

A persecuter, blasphemer and a violent man.

5.) What did Paul feel that Christ used him as an example for?

To show Christ's unlimited patience.

6.) What prophecies had been made about Timothy?

Perhaps that he would have a gift of preaching. 1 Timothy 4:14

7.) What two men did Paul hand over to Satan?

Hymenaeus and Alexander.

8.) What are we supposed to offer on the behalf of everyone?

Prayers should be made for everyone.

9.) What does God want?

He wants everyone to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.

10.) Who is the mediator between God and man?

Christ Jesus.

11.) How are women to dress?

Dress modestly and not provacatively.

12.) How is a woman to act in the church?

Submissive to the men and quiet, not because she is inferior but because this is how she can demonstrate her obedience to God.

13.) Who was the person deceived by the serpent?

Eve was deceived.

14.) How are women saved through childbearing?

They will suffer much pain but live through the curse that was put on them. It's saved THROUGH not saved BY.

15.) What is considered a noble task?

Becoming an elder.

16.) What are the qualifications of an elder?

Verses 2-7 & 12.

17.) What caused the devil to fall?

Pride and conceit.

18.) What are the qualifications of the deacons?

Verses 8-10.

19.) What are the qualifications of elders and deacons' wives?

Worthy of respect and not gossips but trustworthy.

20.) Those that serve receive what?

An excellent standing and great assurance in their faith.

21.) Why was Paul giving Timothy these instructions?

Timothy was an evangelist and like Titus in Titus 1:5 their job was to establish elders in the churces.