Questions for Fri, Jun 5th  (Titus)


1.) Who is this letter written to?

Titus, another evangelist.

2.) What does Paul call Titus?

His son in the faith.

3.) Apparently after Paul got out of his first Roman imprisonment he visited where and left who there?

He had left Titus in Crete.

4.) What was Titus to do in Crete?

He was to appoint elders.

5.) What are the qualifications of being an elder?

Verses 6-9

6.) What does Paul say about an elder's children?

Children who believe.

7.) What two things are mentioned that elders can use the Word of God for?

Encourage believers and refute non-believers.

8.) What were some people doing and paying attention to?

They were false teaching and paying attention to Judaism.

9.) How was Titus supposed to handle these people?

Rebuke them sharply.

10.) What was Titus to teach the older men?

To be worthy of respect.

11.) What was Titus to teach the older women?

To be reverent

12.) What was Titus to teach the younger men?

To be self-controlled.

13.) What was Titus to teach slaves or employees?

To be fully trustworthy.

14.) What does the grace of God teach us to say to sin?

It teaches us to say "No".

15.) What was Titus to remind people to do?

To be subject to rulers and authorities.

16.) Paul says that they were once sinners also but what saved them?

Being baptized and receiving the Holy Spirit.

17.) We should devote ourselves to doing what?

Doing what is good.

18.) What should we avoid?

Avoid foolish arguments.

19.) Who was Paul sending to Titus and where did he want Titus to meet him?

Artemas or Tychicus. He wanted Titus to meet him at Nicopolis.