Questions for Sat, Jun 6th  (Philemon)


1.) Who is this letter written to?


2.) Who is this letter written about (Co. 4:9)


3.) What was Onesimus's relationship to Philemon?

He was his servant.

4.) What was Paul saying about how Philemon should now treat Onesimus?

He should treat him as a brother in Christ.

5.) What did Paul say he would do if Onesimus owed anything to Philemon?

Paul said he would pay off Onesimus's debt.

6.) What confidence did Paul have in Philemon?

Philemon would do even more than what Paul was requesting.

7.) What else did Paul ask Philemon to do?

Get a guest room prepared because Paul was going to visit.

8.) Who else was with Paul?

Epaphras, John Mark, Aristarchus, Demas and Luke