Questions for Mon, Jun 8th  (Heb 4-6)

Heb 4-6

1.) Why was the message to the Israelites of no value to them?

They did not combine it with faith.

2.) Is Caanan Land the rest that this writer is talking about?

He is talking about heaven.

3.) If you enter God's rest what do you rest from also?

We rest from work.

4.) The Word of God is like what weapon?

A double edged sword.

5.) What can be hidden from God?

Nothing in all creation.

6.) Why can Jesus sympathize with our weaknesses?

Because He was tempted in every way like us.

7.) Who does a high priest have to offer sacrifices for?

Their own sins as well.

8.) Christ was made a high priest in the order of who?


9.) During his life on earth what did Jesus offer up to God?

Prayers and Petitions.

10.) What does the writer scold the Hebrews about?

They are stubborn and slow to learn.

11.) What is the meaning of milk and solid food?

The basics and more in depth parts of Christ's message.

12.) What were some of the elementary teachings that they should have already understood?

Repentance, faith, baptism, the Spirit, resurrection and the judgement.

13.) What kind of people were impossible to bring back to repentance?

Those who have experienced the miraculousness of the Holy Spirit.

14.) What kind of land is worthless?

Land that produces thorns and thistles.

15.) We will be rewarded if we treat people how?

With care and love and encouragement.

16.) What promise did God make to Abraham and did he keep it?

That all nations of the Earth would be blessed through him and He did.

17.) Is there anything God cannot do?

It is impossible for Him to lie.

18.) Why should this really encourage us?

Because His promises are always true and He has promised us heaven if we follow Him.

19.) How did we gain access to God in the inner sanctuary?

Through the tearing of the veil which was Christ's body on the cross.