Questions for Sat, Jun 13th  (Heb 12-13)

Heb 12-13

1.) What should we throw off?

Everything that entangles us and hinders us from following God.

2.) Who should we fix our eyes upon?

Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

3.) How should we endure hardship?

Endure hardship as discipline.

4.) What do children respect their fathers for doing while we grow up?

Being disciplined.

5.) What should we make every effort to do?

To live in peace with all men and to be holy.

6.) How was Esau godless?

He lived for this world by selling his inheritance.

7.) What is the mountain that could not be touched?

Mount Sinai.

8.) What is the new mountain?

Mount Zion, the city of God.

9.) What cannot be shaken?

The kingdom, the church.

10.) How should we treat others and strangers?

Treat them as loving brothers.

11.) What should be honored by all?

Marriage should be honored by all.

12.) We should stay free from the love of what?

Avoid the love of money.

13.) How often does Jesus Christ change?

He doesn't. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

14.) What happened to the bodies of the sacrifices and how is this symolical of Jesus?

They were burned outside the camp. Jesus was sacrificed outside the city.

15.) What kind of sacrifices do we offer today?

A sacrifice of praise, the fruit of the lips.

16.) How should we treat our elders and leaders?

Obey and submit to them.

17.) What apparently had happened to Timothy?

Seems to have been in prison.

18.) Apparently, where is the writer of this book?

Probably in Rome.