Questions for Mon, Jun 15th  (Jas 3-5)

Jas 3-5

1.) What is this chapter about?

Our use of the tongue in our speech and conduct.

2.) What two things is the tongue compared to and why?

Bits in horses mouths and the rudder of a ship.

3.) The tongue is like a what?

The tongue is a fire.

4.) We need to try to tame our what?

We need to try to tame our tongue. Be careful what you say.

5.) What opposite things do we do with our tongue?

Praise God but curse men.

6.) Where should we get our wisdom?

A wisdom that comes from heaven.

7.) What kind of desires should we have?

Spiritual desires to help others and obey God.

8.) Why were they called adulterous people?

Because friendship with the world is hatred towards God.

9.) What will the devil do if we resist him?

He will flee from us.

10.) If we humble ourselves what will the Lord do for us?

He will lift us up.

11.) Do we know what we are doing tomorrow?

We think we do but we don't even know if we will be alive tomorrow.

12.) What is life like?

A vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

13.) Is it ok to NOT do something that we know is good?

It is a sin to not do good that we know we should do.

14.) What happens to worldly wealth?

It will all eventually go away.

15.) How should we be until the Lord's coming?

We should be very, very patient.

16.) Should we swear?

No just let your yes be yes and your no be no.

17.) What should we do if we are in trouble? if we're happy? if we're sick?

Trouble, pray. Happy, sing. Sick, ask elders to pray over him.

18.) What does it say about the prayer of a righteous person?

It is both powerful and effective.

19.) What did Elijah pray for?

First that it would not rain and then that it would rain.

20.) What should we do if see fellow Christians falling into sin?

Attempt to gently bring them back.