Questions for Tue, Jun 16th  (1 Pet 1-2)

1 Pet 1-2

1.) Who wrote this book and who did he write it to?

The apostle Peter wrote it to the scattered Jews.

2.) In what do we greatly rejoice?

Our inheritance which is in Heaven.

3.) What had the prophets tried to determine?

The time and method about how salvation would come to the people.

4.) Not just the prophets but who else was interested in understanding the plan of salvation for us?

Even the angels were curious about this salvation.

5.) What should we prepare our minds for?

For the return of Jesus Christ.

6.) What did Jesus pay to redeem us?

His precious blood.

7.) How should we treat others?

Love one another deeply from the heart.

8.) What should we get rid of in our lives?

Rid yourselves of sin.

9.) How are we like the old testament temple?

Each as living stones to be a holy priesthood offering living spiritual sacrifices.

10.) Who is the cornerstone?

Jesus Christ.

11.) Why do some people stumble over Jesus?

Because they disobey the message.

12.) Who are the priests in the church?

All the believers are now the priests.

13.) What kind of lives should we live in the world?

Such good lives that the outsiders can even see your good deeds and glorify God.

14.) By doing good we can silence what?

The ignorant talk of foolish people.

15.) How should we treat our masters

Show proper respect.

16.) employers?

Jesus suffered more than we ever will.

17.) We should not complain if we are made to suffer because who suffered more?