Questions for Sat, Jun 27th  (Rev 13-15)

Rev 13-15

1.) The dragon stood on the shore of the sea and gave his authority to what?

A beast

2.) What other 3 animals did the beast resemble? What is their significance?

Leopard, Bear, Lion. These represented Babylon, Persians and Greeks and now living on in the Roman Empire. Daniel 7:1-12

3.) How many heads, horns and crowns were there and what is the significance?

7 heads with 7 crowns and 10 horns. Rome on 7 hills, split up among 10 provinces.

4.) What is the symbolism of the beast?

The Roman Empire.

5.) What was miraculous about one of the beast's heads?

It had a fatal wound that had been healed.

6.) What did the beast say and how long was it's authority?

It uttered profane blasphemies and it had power for 42 x 30 days = 1260 days =1260 years

7.) What was the description of the second beast?

Two horns trying to look like the lamb but was actually from the dragon.

8.) Who does this beast most likely represent?

The introduction of the papal system and the apostate church speaking on behalf of the Roman Empire.

9.) What did he set up and what is this probably in reference to?

Set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded but survived. An image of Pagan Rome in the form of the apostate church. The two horns are both secular and religious powers.

10.) What is the number of this beast?


11.) Why is it called man's number?

It was man's idea and man was created on the 6th day.

12.) Who did Irenaeus, a second century church leader, think the number was in reference to?

"Lateinos" or Latin man in reference to the apostate church and the papal system.

13.) Who did John see and where?

The true LAMB on Mount Zion.

14.) What were the redeemed, elders and creatures all singing?

They sang the New Song.

15.) What did another angel who was flying in midair have?

The Eternal Gospel.

16.) What did a second angel proclaim?

Fallen is Babylon!

17.) What does Babylon represent?

Most likely the Apostate Church.

18.) What awaits those who follow the beast?

Eternal punishment.

19.) Who does John see in vs. 14?

The Son of man sitting on a cloud with a crown and a sickle.

20.) Another angel came from where and told Jesus what?

He came out of the temple as a messenger from the Father to the Son.

21.) Two other angels came out and what did they have?

A sharp sickle and fire.

22.) What did they do?

They harvested the earth.

23.) What is represented by the ripe grapes?

The evil of the world.

24.) How much blood was there?

200 miles and as tall as a horse.

25.) John saw another sign. What was it?

7 angels with 7 bowls of 7 plagues.

26.) What were the redeemed singing?

The song of Moses and the song of the Lamb.

27.) What came out of the temple from God?

7 angels.

28.) How were they dressed? What does this represent?

Clean, shining linen with golden sashes around their chests.

29.) What were they carrying?

7 golden bowls full of God's wrath.