Questions for Sun, Jun 28th  (Rev 16-17)

Rev 16-17

1.) What did the loud voice from the temple say?

Pour out the wrath of God on the earth.

2.) How many references in this chapter can you find that remind you of the time period of the OT plagues?

sores, blood, darkness, frogs, hailstones.

3.) Whereas the first four trumpets brought the end of pagan Rome these very similar first four plagues bring the end of papal Rome. What were the first four bowls poured out upon?

Land, Sea, Rivers, Sun.

4.) What military leader is most likely symbolized by the sun during the 4th plague?

Possibly Napoleon Bonaparte.

5.) Where was the fifth plague poured out and who is represented by the throne of the beast?

Throne of the beast. Probably the papal system when Napoleon took the crown from the pope and crowned himself.

6.) What river dried up in the sixth plague?


7.) Where had this actually happened before and how can we use history to understand the symbolism?

Jeremiah 51:36. Cyrus diverted the Euphrates to attack Babylon by just going under the wall.

8.) What were the three frog-like demons and what do they represent?

Dragon, Beast and False Prophet. Perhaps Paganism, the Apostate Church and Islam.

9.) What two things must you do to be saved from the ensuing battle?

Stay awake and clothed.

10.) Where do the forces of good and evil finally meet?


11.) Where is this place actually and what is it called now?

Northern Israel - Mount Megiddo.

12.) Where was the seventh bowl poured and what is the significance? (Eph 2:2)

Poured into the air. The Prince of the air is the devil in Ephesians 2:2.

13.) What was the profession of the one being punished and who is she?

A scarlet harlot representing the apostate church.

14.) What had she caused the kings of the earth to do and how?

The kings of the earth committed adultery with her by following her rather than being the true bride of Christ.

15.) What was the woman riding and what is its description?

A scarlet beast with blasphemous names, seven heads and ten horns.

16.) What did she hold and what was in it?

She held a golden cup with abominable filthy things in it.

17.) What was her name?

Babylon the Great - The mother of prostitues.

18.) What was her state of being?

She was drunk with the blood of the saints.

19.) What things do the seven heads represent?

The seven hills of Rome but also 7 kingdoms.

20.) What is the meaning five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come and who is the eighth king that will go to his destruction?

Possibly Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persians, Greece are the five fallen. The one is pagan Rome. The one to come is the "holy" Roman Empire and the 8th king is most likely the papal system.

21.) Who are the ten horns?

List of 10 kingdoms of the Roman Empire. Even Isaac Newton tried to come up with a list of the 10 subkingdoms of Rome.

22.) What were the waters that she sat on?

The waters are all the people of the earth.

23.) What will the 10 horns eventually do?

They will want their own individual kingdom so the Roman Empire will begin it's decline.