Questions for Sun, Jan 19th  (Matt 22)

Matt 22

1.) In the parable who did the first people that were invited represent?

The Jews

2.) Did they accept the invitation?


3.) What did they do?

They mistreated the servants He sent them

4.) Who received the next offer of invitation?

The Gentiles

5.) What does it mean both good and bad? Did the king want bad people at the wedding?

The invitation extends to all, but you must be willing to put on Christ

6.) It is a tradition in the East that the bridegroom actually provides the wedding robes to the guests so there was no excuse for anyone to not have their wedding garments on. What does the wedding garment represent? (Gal. 3:26-27)

Clothing yourself with Christ. Baptism is offered to everyone for salvation. It's your decision whether to put on Christ or not.

7.) What happens to all those who do not clothe themselves with the proper attire?

Enternal condemnation

8.) What does verse 14 say is the meaning of this parable?

Only very few will accept Christ and therefore be chosen

9.) What did the Pharisees plan to do?

Tried to trap Jesus (the Word) in his own words.

10.) Who were the Herodians and why did the Pharisees bring them?

Herodians believed the ruler should be a Herod and thus the Jews should follow Rome. The Pharisees and Herodians only agreed on one thing. Jesus was a threat to both of them. The Pharisees sent the Herodians because they thought Jesus would tell them that they wouldn't pay their taxes.

11.) What was the trick question that the Pharisees asked Jesus?

Should we pay our Roman taxes or not?

12.) How did Jesus uniquely answer them?

He asked him whose portraint was on it and then told them to give that money back to him, but don't neglect giving God what is His as well.

13.) What did the Sadducees believe .... or not believe?

They did not believe in the resurrection.

14.) What scenario did the Sadducees lay out for Jesus?

Whose wife would the woman be that had married 7 brothers?

15.) Why did Jesus say the Sadducees were in error?

Because they do not know the Scriptures.

16.) Does Jesus say that when we die we will BE angels?

No, we will be like them as to not being married.

17.) Jesus quoted Ex. 3:6 when God was talking to Moses. What did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all have in common at the time God said this to Moses?

They were all physically dead, but since he said I am (present tense) it means they were still living spiritually.

18.) What is the next question asked of Jesus?

Which is the greatest commandment?

19.) What was Jesus' answer?

Love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself.

20.) What did Jesus ask the Pharisees?

Who do you think is the Messiah's father?

21.) What was their answer?

The son of David.

22.) If the Christ was nothing more than a descendant of David why would David call Him Lord?

Psalm 110:1 Jesus was in the lineage of David when He came to the earth but He was before David at the beginning of creation.


The WORD has all the answers. Listen to HIM!