Questions for Mon, Jun 29th  (Rev 18-20)

Rev 18-20

1.) An angel announces what?

That Babylon the great has fallen.

2.) Another voice asks the people to do what?

For people to come out of her.

3.) What will the merchants of the earth do and why?

They will weep and mourn for her because she does not buy all their ornamentals anymore.

4.) What are some of the purchases that "she" made?

Lots of physical riches but also the bodies and souls of men.

5.) How many times is "Hallelujah" used in the NT and what are the verses?

Only 4 times and all in chapter 19. Vs.1,3,4 & 6.

6.) Who is blessed?

The ones invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb.

7.) What did John try to do to the angel?

He tried to worship him.

8.) What was the angel's reprimand?

I am a fellow servant. Worship God.

9.) John saw heaven open and a horse of what color?

A white horse.

10.) What were the names of the rider and who is this?

Faithful and True.

11.) What was unique about his robe and what does this mean?

A robe dipped in blood. Represents His sacrifice for us.

12.) What is the other name given for Him?

The Word of God.

13.) What was his weapon and where did it come from?

A sharp sword.

14.) What will He rule with?

An iron scepter.

15.) What other names were written on Him?

King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

16.) An angel calls to what animals to prepare to feast on the carnage?

The birds. Vultures of the air.

17.) How long did the battle of Armageddon last?

Only 1 verse (19) The devil is not in any way an equal counterpart to Jesus.

18.) What was used to kill the enemy?

Killed with the sword. Judged by the Word of God.

19.) What was the final punishment of the enemy?

Fiery lake of burning sulfur.

20.) What two things did the angel have?

A key to the Abyss and a great chain.

21.) What did he do to Satan and for how long?

He seized him and bound him for 1000 years.

22.) Satan was chained to keep him from doing what?

He was stopped from deceiving entire nations.

23.) At what time do you think Satan was bound from deceiving nations?

When he was bound by the Word of God. Perhaps at Christ's death and resurrection or maybe when the Bible began to be distributed throughout the world to the common man.

24.) How long will he again be set free?

Just for a short time.

25.) What came to life and how is this possible?

The souls of those who were killed for Jesus and the Word of God. A resurrection of their beliefs in some of the people in the world.

26.) How can we partake in a similar "first resurrection"?

Through baptism into Jesus Christ.

27.) What is the second death and how do we escape it?

The final judgement of Hell.

28.) Who will Satan gather for battle?

Gog and Magog.

29.) Who is Gog of the land of Magog? (Ez 38-39)

Ez. 37 is about the resurrection of God's people and Ez. 38-39 is about the the evil prince Gog from the land of Magog who will be defeated by God. The imagery is very similar to Revelation.

30.) What did the army of Satan surround?

The camp of God's people, the city He loves. Most likely the church.

31.) How did the battle of Armageddon end?

Fire destroyed them.

32.) What did John see next?

A great white throne and Him who was seated on it.

33.) What was opened?

The Book of Life was opened.

34.) What is the second death?

The lake of fire of Hell