Questions for Thu, Jul 2nd  (Matt 3-4)

Matt 3-4

1.) Who prophesied about John the Baptist?

Isaiah 40:3 and Malachi 4:5

2.) Why did John try to deter Jesus from being baptized?

Because he needed Jesus to baptize him

3.) Jesus said baptism is necessary to do what?

To fulfill all righteousness

4.) To be a child you must be born. Discuss God's acknowledgement of his Son at this time rather than in Chapter 2.

Spiritual rebirth is more important than our physical birth.

5.) With what three things did the devil tempt Jesus?

Bread, Self-Importance, Greed

6.) How do these relate to how the devil tempted Adam and Eve and in relation to 1 John 2:16?

Good for food, Make one wise, Pleasing to Eye: Lust of the flesh, Pride of Life, Lust of the eye

7.) What weapon did Jesus use to defeat the devil?

The Words of God

8.) What Old Testament book did Jesus quote from each time?


9.) What city did Jesus live in after Nazareth?


10.) What did the two sets of brothers do without question?

Followed Jesus