Questions for Sat, Jul 4th  (Matt 6)

Matt 6

1.) Is it wrong for people to see you doing good?

No, unless you are doing it for your own recognition

2.) How are we to pray?

Humbly and succintly

3.) How many words did Jesus use in His prayer?

Around 50 words

4.) How long were His prayers in Matt. 26?

Around 25 words, at least as were recorded by Matthew

5.) How much will God forgive us of our sins?

As well as we are willing to forgive others

6.) What is to be our general attitude as we travel through this life?

Humbly putting Jesus and others ahead of ourselves. Self sacrifice

7.) What does Jesus say about collecting and worrying about material things?

That He will provide if we are following Him

8.) For what things does Jesus want us to strive?

Seek the church and His righteousness. The church is HOW God provides for our needs.