Questions for Mon, Jul 6th  (Matt 8)

Matt 8

1.) Is there any significance of Jesus touching the leper when just words would have been sufficient?

By touching him, Jesus showed real compassion and his power over things men are afraid of.

2.) Why did Jesus tell the leper to show a priest and offer a sacrifice?

Lev. 13 & 14

3.) What is a centurion and what nationality would he have been?

A commander in the Roman army commanding around 100 men. He would have been Roman and therefore most likely a Gentile.

4.) Explain the centurion's argument about being under authority?

He is basically telling Jesus that he willingly submits to Jesus's authority.

5.) What is Jesus prophesying about when he talks about the people from east and west who will be guests at Abraham's table?

The inclusion of the Gentiles into the kingdom of God which will begin in Acts 10

6.) What is the significance of verse 14?

Peter (Cephas) was married. See also 1 Corinthians 9:5

7.) How did Jesus cast out demons and heal the sick?

With the WORD

8.) Are there any valid excuses for not following Jesus?

No, not for reasonably minded men and women.

9.) How can dead bury dead?

Spiritually dead, who only care about this world, bury the physical dead.

10.) What are demons?

Fallen angels. Rev 12:8-9

11.) What did the demons mean by "before their appointed time"?

Could be referring to when they are conquered at Jesus's death and resurrection or the final judgement day. Matthew 25:41

12.) What is significant about Jesus letting the demons enter pigs?

Pigs were unclean so fit for the demons. Also, the demons and the devil are not all-knowing like Jesus and God. They are not just the evil side of the coin. They are not equal in any way but completely subservient to the power of God.

13.) How did the demons' plan backfire?

The pigs killed themselves and most likely judgement was brought on the demons since they were not inhabiting a body.

14.) Why did the people want Jesus to go back over the sea of Galilee to Capernaum?

Probably, the Gentile owners of the pigs weren't happy with Him. Most likely, they were fearful of the obvious power of Jesus, who would easily be able to see deep into their souls.