Questions for Tue, Jul 7th  (Matt 9)

Matt 9

1.) Why was Jesus accused of blasphemy?

Because He claimed to have the power of God to forgive sins.

2.) How did Jesus prove his authority?

He healed the paralytic.

3.) What is the significance of the mentioning of the next disciple that was called?

He is the writer of this book.

4.) What was Jesus's response to why he went to sinners?

The sick are the ones who need a doctor.

5.) What was Jesus's response to why his disciples didn't fast?

Because he was still alive and telling them the good news. They would have reason to fast when He died.

6.) What are the meanings of the cloth and wineskins analogies?

Some of the fasting they were doing was just Pharisaic rituals and not necessarily part of the Law. With Jesus's garment and wineskin analogies He is saying, that you can't mix old religious rituals with the new covenant in Jesus. In Luke 5 Jesus also says that it will be hard for those under the old Law to accept the New wine.

7.) Was there power in the clothes of Jesus?

No, Jesus told the woman that it was her FAITH that healed her.

8.) Why do you suppose that Jesus warned them sternly to not tell anyone that they had been healed?

He always practiced what he preached back in Matt 6:1

9.) The pharisees did not dispute that Jesus had cast out the demons so how did they explain it?

They said he used the power of Satan to cast the demons out.

10.) What does Jesus say he is going to do because of the overwhelming crowds?

Pray for and send out workers into the field.