Questions for Wed, Jul 8th  (Matt 10)

Matt 10

1.) What does Jesus give the 12 disciples the ability to do?

Heal diseases and cast out evil spirits.

2.) What does Jesus tell them to take with them and to whom are they to go?

Go to the Jews and take nothing.

3.) What animals are mentioned in verse 16 and in what context?

They are like sheep among wolves so they should be as shrewd as snakes but innocent as doves.

4.) What will happen to the disciples and families on account of Christ?

Families will be split and disciples will be persecuted.

5.) What does it mean they will not finish going through the Israelite cities before the Son of Man comes?

Parallel language in Luke 21:12-18 suggests that Jesus may be referring to the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Jesus seemed to know when and how the destruction of Jerusalem would take place but he tells us in Matt 24:36 that the time of his return for the final judgement only His Father knew. It could simply mean before Jesus rejoined them, or after He was resurrected or the day of Pentecost when His kingdom began. Feel free to comment on this.

6.) What things does Jesus say to alleviate their fear of persecution?

That they are worth a lot to Him and they will be saved in the end.

7.) Do you acknowledge Jesus in front of others?

Let's always strive to do better at this.

8.) Has Jesus brought peace?

Isaiah 9:6 calls Him the Prince of Peace. He brings peace to those who accept Him but this verse says to the Earth he brings a sword.

9.) In verse 39 what are the various meanings of "life" and "it"?

If you live your physical life for yourself you will lose your spiritual life but if you give up your physical life for God you will find salvation in your spiritual life.