Questions for Mon, Jan 20th  (Matt 23)

Matt 23

1.) What does "sit in Moses' seat" refer to?

Exodus 18:13 They sit in the judgement seat and know the law and therefore the people were to submit to their authority even if the Pharisees didn't do themselves what they were preaching.

2.) How is the way the Pharisees apply Moses' Law compared to Christ's Law? (Matt. 11:30)

Pharisees burdened people down while Jesus lightened their load.

3.) What was the tradition of the phylacteries and tassels? (Deut. 11:18-21 & Num. 15:38)

Originally, they both were ways to focus on the words of God, but people would make them bigger than others to seem more pious. Taking pride in how godly they were.

4.) What do these verses say about religious titles?

They have no place in the humble heart of a Christian servant.

5.) A convert to what in verse 15?

Convert to Judaism.

6.) What's more important, the building or the people?

The people, because God dwells in the hearts of the worshippers. 1 Cor. 3:16

7.) What did the Pharisees tithe?

Things that weren't that big of a sacrifice.

8.) Were the gnat and camel clean or unclean objects?

Both unclean. Lev. 11

9.) Out of what did the Jews work diligently to strain out gnats?

They would pour wine through permeable cloth to strain out contatiminants such as gnats.

10.) What would you rather have clean if you were going to use a cup for its purpose...the inside or the outside?

The inside, because that what comes into contact with what you are consuming.

11.) What's the meaning of comparing the Pharisees to white-washed tombs?

Looks good on the outside but is full of rot and decay on the inside.

12.) How were the Pharisees going to "fill to the brim" the measure of sin of their forefathers?

They would fill up their sin by killing the Son of God.

13.) When would the house of Jerusalem be left desolate and the temple destroyed?

70 A.D. The temple would be destroyed because "they were not willing" to accept Jesus.