Questions for Sat, Jul 11th  (Matt 13)

Matt 13

1.) Did the people understand the parables?

Only those who were willing

2.) Did the disciples understand them?

Yes, with Jesus's explanation

3.) Do YOU understand them?

I hope we do!

4.) How many parables are mentioned in this chapter?

Eight parables

5.) What do the first three parables have in common?

They are all farmer parables about planting things

6.) How is the yeast in verse 33 different than the yeast in 1 Cor. 5:6

Here it represents good, the spread of the kingdom

7.) Who will help Jesus reap in the Judgement Day?

The angels of God

8.) To what valuable things is the kingdom compared?

Hidden treasure and fine pearls

9.) Where did Jesus go next?


10.) How many siblings did Jesus have?

Four brothers: James, Joseph, Simon and Jude. At least two sisters.

11.) Did Mary always remain a virgin?

Obviously not.

12.) Is the proverb Jesus said in verse 57 a true statement and if so why?

It was for Him. He was rejected by His own people and even His own family. Mark 3:21, John7:5 and John 1:11