Questions for Wed, Jul 15th  (Matt 18)

Matt 18

1.) Who are we to be like? Why?

Little children. Showing humility and completely relying on our Father.

2.) Is Jesus tolerant of sin? Should we be?

No. We shouldn't tolerate sin but we should have compassion and gentleness when dealing with a fellow sinner.

3.) What is the process we should follow when we discover our brother or sister not doing what is right?

1.) Privately between just the two of you.
2.) Two or three witnesses to establish the fact.
3.) Before the church.
4.) No longer consider a brother.

4.) Where is Christ when the church comes together?

Jesus is with us in His kingdom.

5.) How many times did Jesus tell Peter to forgive his brother? Was this an exact number?

Either 77 or 490. Jesus is referring to and reversing Lamech's statement in Gen. 4:24. The Hebrew of that statement means 77 but the Greek translation (Septuagint) translated it 490. So I'm not really sure which answer is correct. Please forgive me!.

6.) How is the parable at the end of this chapter symbolic of Jesus, you and your brother?

A debt of 10,000 talents would have made the disciples laugh. This is an astronomical debt that he was released from yet he treated his brother badly for a paltry amount. This is the way we are when we forget the enormous debt that Christ paid for us with His life.