Questions for Sat, Jul 18th  (Matt 21)

Matt 21

1.) What did Jesus ask two disciples to do?

Go get a donkey and colt from the village

2.) Who prophesied that this would happen?

Zechariah 9:9

3.) Did kings usually enter towns on borrowed donkeys?

No, something this humble should have reminded them of the prophecy

4.) What did the people proclaim and what did they do?

Hosannas and they spread branches and clothing on the road

5.) When Jesus went into the temple courts what did he do and why?

He drove out all the moneychangers and merchantsso it could get back to being a house of prayer rather than a house of corrupt commerce

6.) Who was shouting "Hosanna to the Son of David"?

The children

7.) What city did Jesus go to for the night?


8.) Is there significance in showy leaves but no fruit?

Kind of like the Pharisees, and us if we have words and no deeds.

9.) When Jesus came back into the temple what was asked of Him?

By whose authority did He chase everyone out of the temple?

10.) How did Jesus answer them?

Did John's baptism come from heaven or men?

11.) What was their dilemma?

If they said from God, Jesus would ask then why didn't you believe him. If they say from men, they were afraid the people would revolt because they considered him an important prophet.

12.) What did the first parable mean?

That the sinners were accepting when the Pharisees who knew better were not

13.) What did the second parable mean?

That the Jews who had killed the prophets would also kill the Son.

14.) To whom are the other people that the vineyard will be rented?


15.) Who is the son mentioned in the parable?


16.) Who is the stone the builders rejected?


17.) Who did the Pharisees realize Jesus was talking about?


18.) What did the Pharisees look to do?

They wanted to arrest Him