Questions for Fri, Jan 3rd  (Matt 5)

Matt 5

1.) What does poor in Spirit mean?

Use humble in place of poor. James 4:6

2.) How are we the salt of the earth?

Preserving the world from immediate destruction and enhancing the flavor of life of those around us.

3.) How are we the light of the world?

Good works of light help some see and others it exposes their darkness.

4.) What is a jot and a tittle?

A jot is the tenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet and the smallest. It is related to our modern English word iota, meaning "a very small amount." A tittle is even smaller than a jot. A tittle is like the dot on an i or a j.

5.) Was all of the Old Testament law abolished when Christ came?

With the exception of holy days, sacrifices, dietary restrictions, circumcision and a few other things, not only is much of it still valid, much of it has been codified into the human governmental laws in the world as well.

6.) What did Jesus say is the only reason for divorce?


7.) What does Jesus expect of us in verse 48?

To strive for completeness in good works. We can only reach perfection through Jesus Christ.