Questions for Tue, Jul 21st  (Matt 24)

Matt 24

1.) What does Jesus predict will happen to the temple buildings and when did this come true?

They would be destroyed. 70 A.D. under Titus.

2.) What question(s) did the disciples ask?

When will Jerusalem be destroyed? What will be the sign of Jesus returning and the end of the age?

3.) What erroneous assumption does it seem the disciples made when they asked their questions?

That the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the world would be the same event.

4.) What are some of the things that people would experience that might make them think the end is coming? Do those kind of events still make people think the same thing today?

Wars, famines, earthquakes, false teachers. Today, people still look to these things as signs of the end of the world.

5.) What will happen to many of the disciples before the destruction of Jerusalem?

Persecuted and put to death. Most likely John was the only apostle to live past 70 A.D.

6.) What does "the whole world" mean in verse 14?

The Roman world. Paul might have even gone to Spain.

7.) What does "then the end will come" in verse 14?

The end of the Jewish age when the temple is destroyed in 70 A.D.

8.) What is "the abomination that causes desolation"? Why abomination? Why desolation?

Daniel 9:27 Romans (Gentiles) in the temple is the abomination. Desolation because they destroyed the temple.

9.) What are those in Judea to do?

Flee Jerusalem into the mountains.

10.) Why would it be bad if the destruction of Jerusalem happened in the winter or on the Sabbath (Ex. 16:29)

They wouldn't be able to travel quickly or far during the winter. Not supposed to travel very far on the Sabbath.

11.) Why didn't this horrible desolation continue on indefinitely?

For the sake of the church. So that there would be believers remaining to spread the truth.

12.) Jesus then announces that the destruction of Jerusalem is NOT when he is coming back as the disciples and others thought and in fact he warned that of this misconception many people try to do what?

People would claim to be the Christ or prophets so as to take advantage of people.

13.) What is meant by the carcass and what is meant by the vultures?

During disasterous times, such as the destruction of the temple, corrupt people (vultures) always fly in to take advantage of people.

14.) Jesus says his actual coming would be more like what?

Lightning seen by everyone. There will be no doubt that the Christ is returning when it happens.

15.) Is the term "immediately" how it appears to man or how it appears to God? (2 Peter 3:4-9)

If this refers to the toppling of the Pharisee and Saduccee powers, it happened pretty quickly. If it refers to the return of Jesus, then the time seems long...but only according to a human perspective.

16.) In verse 29 how will the next age of man be without sun, moon or stars?

Again, if this refers to the Pharisees, Saduccees, Scribes and Priests losing their power this is often described as the heavenly bodies falling. Luke 21:25, Isa 13 & 34, Ezek. 32:7-8, Dan. 8:10

17.) Describe how will Jesus return?

Jesus will return in the clouds with power and great glory with a loud trumpet call.

18.) After the interlude of 29-31, where Jesus explains that the judgement day is a different day than the destruction of Jerusalem, he ends his discussion about the destruction of Jerusalem in verses 32-35. What does it mean, "this generation will certainly not pass away until these things will happen?"

The destruction of Jerusalem was coming within 40 years or so.

19.) Does this signify that Jesus knew when the destruction of Jerusalem would take place?

It seems that Jesus knew when this would happen and gives them things to look out for, like the abomination that causes desolation mentioned in Daniel.

20.) Although heaven and earth will pass away, what is eternal?


21.) Did Jesus know when His second coming would take place?

Verse 36 says the Son doesn't know, only the Father.

22.) What does it mean to be "left behind" in the story of Noah?

Left behind in the Noah story means saved. The waters took them all away to destruction.

23.) Who is this thief?

Jesus, coming at a time no one is expecting.

24.) How are we supposed to be as we live here on this Earth?

Watchful, ready and being a faithful servant.

25.) Which event, destruction of Jerusalem or the return of Jesus, does this chapter describe as having warning signs?

This chapter is about two similar judgements: One ending the Jewish Age and one ending the Christian Age. There were signs about the destruction of Jerusalem but the second age will end when we least expect it.