Questions for Wed, Jan 22nd  (Matt 25)

Matt 25

1.) Tradition held that a bridegroom kept a company of virgins at his house to attend to the bride when he brought her home from his father-in-law's house. Why were five foolish and five wise?

The foolish did not take extra oil for their lamps with them.

2.) What hope is there after the door is shut?

There is no second opportunity after Jesus returns.

3.) How much did each servant receive?

5,2 and 1 talents

4.) What did they each do with their portion?

The first two doubled theirs but the third buried his

5.) What was the reward to the first two servants?

They entered the joy of the Lord

6.) What was the reasoning of the third servant?

He knew the master demanded him to expand his talent but was scared

7.) What was his reward?

Thrown into eternal darkness and suffering.

8.) Which is better in the Lord's eyes: evil doing or inaction?

They are the same; neither are doing good.

9.) What is represented by the sheep and goats?

Sheep are righteous and goats are the unrighteous.

10.) When do we have opportunity to do good unto the Lord?

Whenever we can help a brother or sister.

11.) How many of the things mentioned at the end of this chapter are "talents" that we can do?

All of them are things we can do for our brethren although in our age currently we probably don't have a lot of brethren being held in prison for the word of God like Peter, John and Paul. However, we should keep this in mind for the future.