Questions for Thu, Jul 30th  (Mark 6)

Mark 6

1.) To what town did Jesus go?


2.) What did Jesus say about a prophet in his hometown?

He is without honor.

3.) What was Jesus trained in?


4.) How many siblings did Jesus have?

At least six: James, Joseph, Judas, Simon and at least two sisters.

5.) How come He couldn't

Because of their lack of faith.

6.) wouldn't do very many miracles there?

Authority over evil spirits.

7.) What did he give to his disciples?

Take a staff and wear sandals. Nothing extra.

8.) What were the disciples supposed to take or NOT take?

That John the Baptist had been raised from the dead.

9.) What did Herod think when he heard about Jesus?

Because John said it was not lawful for him to be with his brother's wife.

10.) Why had Herod arrested John previously?

He feared him because he knew he was righteous and holy. He liked to listen to him.

11.) What did Herod think about John?

Herodias asked her daughter to ask for John's head.

12.) What were the circumstances surrounding the death of John?

Into a boat to a solitary place.

13.) When the apostles returned and told Jesus about their journeys where did they go?

Send them away so they could buy something to eat.

14.) When it became late what did the disciples ask Jesus to do to the people?

He told them they should give them something to eat.

15.) What did Jesus tell the disciples to do for the people?

Eight months wages. 200 denari

16.) How much did the disciples say that would cost?

5 loaves and 2 fishes.

17.) How much food did they have?

5000 people and 12 baskets full.

18.) How many did they feed and how much food was left over?

Walked on the water. They thought He was a ghost.

19.) What miracle did Jesus perform that terrified the disciples?

They begged Him to let them touch his garment.

20.) How did the people of Gennesaret treat Jesus upon his return?