Questions for Fri, Jul 31st  (Mark 7)

Mark 7

1.) What did the Pharisees complain about this time?

The disciples did not wash their hands.

2.) What did Jesus say they were replacing with their traditions?

The actual commands of God.

3.) How were they not honoring their parents?

The Pharisees allowed people to give to the temple in lieu of financially helping their parents

4.) What is Corban?

The meaning is a sacrificial gift to God.

5.) What makes a man unclean in God's eyes?

What comes out of him, not what goes into him.

6.) With what great answer did the Greek (Canannite) woman answer Jesus?

That all she needed was just the scraps of His amazing power. She came with abject humility.

7.) What was her reward for her persistance?

The demon was cast out of her daughter.

8.) What was wrong with the person that was brought to Jesus?

He was deaf and mute.

9.) What did Jesus say and what did it mean?

Ephphatha! which means "Be opened".

10.) The more Jesus told people not to mention the miracles He had performed the more they did what?

The kept telling people that everything Jesus did was wonderful.