Questions for Wed, Aug 5th  (Mark 12)

Mark 12

1.) How did the vineyard owner feel about his Son?

He loved His son.

2.) What is a cornerstone?

A foundational stone by which all other stones are measured by.

3.) What did Jesus accuse the Pharisees of being because of their flattery and question?


4.) What did Jesus accuse the Saducees of being because of their question?

Badly mistaken and ignorant

5.) Was the teacher of the law impressed with Jesus answer to his question?

Yes, He agreed with Jesus answer.

6.) What did Jesus say to this teacher and what do you think He meant?

That he was not far from the kingdom of God. Perhaps he only had a few more things in his life he needed to reject.

7.) What is Jesus seeing as he sits across the court on his throne and watches us give our offerings?

Hopefully, that we are giving our all to help each other and living our lives with a servant heart.