Questions for Fri, Aug 7th  (Mark 14)

Mark 14

1.) Who was the woman that anointed Jesus and why did she do it?

John 12 says it was Mary. It was a preparation for His burial.

2.) Why was she rebuked?

Because the perfume was very expensive.

3.) What were the Pharisees delighted to hear?

That Judas was willing to betray Jesus.

4.) What directions did Jesus give two disciples to help them find the house where they would eat the passover?

There will be a many carrying a jar of water whom they should follow.

5.) What does Jesus predict one of the twelve would do?

Betray Him.

6.) What does Jesus institute at this time?

The Lord's Supper

7.) After they concluded the Passover what did they do and where did they go?

Sung a hymn and went to the Mount of Olives.

8.) What does Jesus predict the disciples will do that night?

They would all run away.

9.) Mark is a little more precise when he says Peter will deny Jesus three times before what happens?

Before the rooster crows TWICE Peter will betray Him three times.

10.) What three disciples did Jesus take farther into the garden?

Peter, James and John

11.) What did Jesus pray for in the garden?

That if it was possible the cup of death would pass from Him.

12.) What was the betrayal signal?

Judas betrayed Him with a kiss.

13.) When the disciples realized that Jesus was not leading a rebellion and would willingly go and die what did they all do?

They all ran away.

14.) The story of the man in verse 51-52 is only told in the book of Mark. Some commentaries conjecture that this is perhaps the same man that carried the jar of water into the house and was actually John Mark himself. Regardless, the significance is when we run away from Jesus what do we have left?

We are naked and have nothing when we run away from Christ. We need to be clothed with Christ.

15.) What was the false testimony given against Jesus?

That He would destroy the temple in Jerusalem and rebuild it in three days.

16.) What was the only thing Jesus answered (confessed)?

That He was indeed the Son of God.

17.) How did Peter's denials get worse?

He ended by calling down curses and swearing to them.