Questions for Mon, Aug 10th  (Luke 1)

Luke 1

1.) What do we know about the writer of this book? (Col. 4:14, 2 Tim. 4:11, Philemon 24)

A Gentile doctor and fellow worker and companion to Paul, the apostle.

2.) Was Luke an eyewitness of Jesus's ministry?

No, but he was a great historian and thoroughly investigated the ministry of Jesus by listening to the accounts of eye witnesses.

3.) Who did Luke write both of his books to and what does that name mean?

Theophilus, "loving God"

4.) Of what tribe was Zechariah and Elizabeth?

Tribe of Levi

5.) What was it Zechariah's turn to do?

To burn incense in the temple of the Lord.

6.) What had Zechariah been praying for?

For his wife to have a child.

7.) What was Zechariah supposed to name is son?


8.) Why was John to not take wine? (Numbers 6:1-8)

He would be a Nazarite from birth.

9.) The angel said John would be like what OT prophet and would prepare people for the coming of who?

Elijah, to prepare people for the coming of the Lord.

10.) What was the name of the angel that brought this good news?


11.) How was Zechariah's unbelief punished?

He was not allowed to speak until the child was born.

12.) In the 6th month of Elizabeth's pregnancy, where did Gabriel go and what good news did he proclaim there?

Nazareth, He proclaimed that the king was coming through Mary and that his kingdom would never end.

13.) Why did Mary have doubts about this?

Since she hadn't been with a man

14.) How did the angel say it would happen?

The Holy Spirit would come upon her

15.) Where did Mary go and what happened when she arrived?

She went to see Elizabeth and John leaped in her womb

16.) What did Elizabeth call Mary's future son?

Her Lord

17.) How long did Mary stay with Elizabeth?

Three months

18.) What did the people want to name Elizabeth's son and why?

Zechariah after his father

19.) What question did all the people wonder about John?

What was he going to become because clearly the Lord was with him.

20.) Who did Zechariah prophesy about in vs. 68-75? vs. 76-79?

The Messiah, Jesus; His son, John the Baptist

21.) Where did John live until his ministry began?

In the wilderness